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I Don't Speak Spanish


Despite the trauma of colonization and slavery, the history and culture of Latin communities has continued to survive. Many Latinos were able to maintain their Latin roots even after moving to the U.S. However the Latin experience in the U.S. isn't monolithic. In areas such as the South or white-dominated spaces, Latinos have been forced to shed their language and culture in order to inch closer to achieving the American Dream. The I Don't Speak Spanish Podcast will explore the complex identities of non-Spanish speaking Latinx who are often deemed "not Latino enough" by Spanish speaking Latinx, yet they are still not accepted by white America. This example of modern day colonization is reminiscent of the erasure of hundreds of indigenous languages caused by the onsite of colonization. 

If you're interested in sponsoring this podcast or if you are Latinx and want to share your story, email me.

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